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The Wild Spa

Fueled by wood, wind and the sun The Wild Spa (An fenten Wyls) is a unique place to relax and chill out in closer to nature.

Whatever the time of year The Wild Spa offers a complete chill out zone from summer days lazing on the deck to winter nights sitting in a hot tub under a starlit sky we can’t think of a better place to be.  Hot Tub and Sauna sessions for you and your guests can be purchased when booking.  You can book a time with us after you arrive.


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  • July 2017 The Wild Spa At Little White Alice

Wooden hot tubs are the best

With no chemicals just clear pure water heated by a wood burning stove the hot tub (an gibel domn) is the place to slow down take a few hours tending the fire and then slip into hot water and let yourself just be.  £30 per session.

Wood burning saunas rock

In just 20 minutes from first lighting the wood burning stove inside our bespoke round sauna (an stevel ethen) you can be sweating your dreams, easing your worries and nourishing your body with a deep wood fuelled cleanse.  £20 per session.

  • The Hot Tub

The ultimate outdoor shower

Take a megalithic boulder of granite add an oak bucket and some refreshing very cold water and after sweating your dreams you can splash all your stress away by just pulling on the bucket chain.  Dare you! Then step right back into that sauna or hot tub and repeat.

The Sanctuary Room

Clad in cedar our curved roof Sanctuary (an omyowynkheva) the place where one rejuvenates oneself  faces south and is flooded with sunlight during the day.  The perfect place to unroll your yoga mat or open your novel or sketch book, sit and daydream or pour that glass of wine and watch the sunset.  This is a small intimate space away from phones and screens close to nature with a covered decking overlooking our wildlife pond, a quiet place.

Inside you will also find a library of wild life and nature books, star gazing maps, binoculars, pond dipping kits and much more.  Take time to just sit and watch the birds on the feeders or join in with one of our moth trapping sessions. Join us in our learning journey as we seek to understand more of the land we inhabit.

It is also possible to book a bespoke Spa treatment in here with our partners My Personal Sanctuary. They offers a wide range of restorative organic treatments using Neal’s Yard products but they do need to to be pre-booked well ahead. Do visit their website My Personal Sanctuary and take time to choose a luxurious Spa experience that is right for you.

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