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We met on an online dating site!

8 years ago Simon and Rosie met and the seed that was Little White Alice began to grow

Simon (an accountant) and Rosie (an artist) married at Little White Alice five years ago.  They had met online when Rosie spotted a newcomer to the area who it seemed was a man of land. She had just bought a new chainsaw and though if nothing else maybe I’ll get some firewood out of this.  She got the firewood and much more.

Over two years the couple worked to build the first six eco cottages and a natural swimming pool that became Little White Alice Gold winner of Sustainable Tourism Awards for Excellence 2014. They added two Eco Arks in 2015.

The aim of the whole project was to be as sustainable as possible making use of inhouse green technology and the best of sustainable building practices to create a luxury holiday business. The good news is that it worked but as a couple they realised it was not as sustaining for them as they worked around the clock to pay the bank loans.  In 2015 they decided to sell off part of the business and repay the bank.  This left them in a position to move up onsite to live and  shrink the business to just two cottages and the two Eco Arks. In 2015 they also put in the Wild Spa area and by June 2016 were up living onsite at last with all their animals.

The wild scraggy land that first won them over has now come to the forefront as home to not only themselves and animals but as a wild habitat to be nurtured and studied.  The Nature Reserve has been recommended to become a County Wildlife Site by Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

Life has slowed a little for the couple but Simon still works as a Financial Director of Provenance Brands. Nowadays there is more time to put out moth traps and record the amazing night fliers, time to take a bit longer to look at the birds on the feeders and try and learn what they are. Every year falling more and more under the spell of the land which has seeped in and absorbed them.

Rosie says “By nurturing the land we nurture ourselves and hope that our guests might come to feel a part of that learning journey. We have so much to learn and often need to call upon other’s expertise but each day we begin to understand a little more about trying to live in balance with our environment.”

When not working you will find Rosie on her horse or in her Studio and Simon will be in his veg garden talking to his plants. They are both always open to conversation.

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