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Why beavers matter

9 May 2017
Rosie Hadden
The Cornwall Beaver Project needs to raise £15000 to re-introduce beavers to Cornwall. Why do we need beavers?
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Walking slower

9 May 2017
Rosie Hadden
Walking with nature growing more and more aware of the butterflies, bees, moths around us Simon and I have been taking slower walks these days.
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Dinner and sunsets at Carn Brea Castle

28 April 2017
Rosie Hadden
For Simon's birthday we set of with friends and family and drove up a long bumpy lane to Carn Brea Castle, the view and the food was astounding, well worth the trip.
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Chickens in the kitchen

28 April 2017
Rosie Hadden
We've hatched 5 new chicks in our kitchen and have had such fun watching them hatch and grow. It takes just 21 days to hatch a chicken!
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