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Moth trapping at Little White Alice

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I am using two traps, a small heath trap and a new Robinson Eco Trap. There have been lots of exciting discoveries and as I am fairly new to moth trapping identification of all the moths can take hours!! It’s been a great help when guests have offered to help and I hope in the future that some guests will feel free to bring their own traps.IMG 20150731 064744

Magpie moth

IMG 20150715 072122

This Convolvulus Hawk moth I found whilst walking through some tall grass. ┬áIt actually attached itself to my leg and had quite a firm grip! It’s going to be very exciting to see what we find over the coming years especially once I can get my traps down into the Nature Reserve.

Highlights this year so far have been many and I hope to keep putting my trap out over the winter months when nights are dry and will keep records using this blog.


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