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We love Barn Owls and have just adopted Rose through the Barn Owl Trust

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Barn owls have been around for over 2 million years but now there numbers are in steep decline.  We are so pleased to support The Barn Owl Trust by adopting Rose.


Rose The Barn Owl


She sounds like she’s quite a feisty bird but has now settled well into her new home at the Waterleat Sanctuary. Rose was born on the 3 July 2010 and could live to be 15 years old.  Our next step is to put up a new Barn Owl box near our Nature Reserve in the hope that we might attract a new breeding pair to Little White Alice.  We do occasionally spot one flying around Little White Alice so it would be quite magical if we could attract a breeding pair to nest here. At Little White Alice we strive to provide homes not just for holiday makers but for wildlife too.

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