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The Nature Reserve

Whilst all of our 28 acres smallholding is cared for with environmental growth at it's heart our 12 acre nature reserve is the wild place which we manage carefully with a light hand.

Take a walk on the wild side and enter a secret place where nature has been left to it’s own devices and created a unique and very special environment.

Put on your wellies and take a wander into Gwylos our wilderness.  Its a marshy heathland full of adders, toads, birds, rare butterflies and moths and even home for part of the year to a herd of wild red deer.

We are managing this land with the help of Cornwall Wildlife Trust and a group of their wonderful volunteers who are helping to clear a way in through the gorse, willow and brambles to make the area more accessible.  In the Spring we are hoping to build a hide in there. It’s still quite a tough area to walk around with rare plants, mosses and ferns abundant underfoot.


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